Higene Fast Acting Laundry Spray For Athletic Gear (6 oz) - PREVENTS MRSA (STAPH) INFECTION

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Higene is perfect for your athletic gear.  It KILLS GERMS CAUSING MRSA (STAPH) INFECTION. Get rid of the rotten smell, harmful bacteria and stains from your sweaty gym clothes. Higene is a quick and easy way to eliminate foul odors from your active gear. It works quickly on clothes, shoes, pads, helmets, braces and gloves. Spray your sweaty active gear with Higene immediately after taking them off. It's best if you hang items to air dry after treating with Higene. This simple technique will do more than just mask funky smells, it will kill them all together.

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Will Higene make my clothes turn colors?

No, Higene is made of all natural components (no bleach) and will not alter the color of any items.

Do I have to wash my clothes immediately after using Higene?

No, after spraying your clothes with Higene, it is best to hang your clothes to allow them to air dry. Once dry, you can place items in your normal laundry area. You can then wash your clothes at your leisure. If you want to wash your clothes immediately, that is also okay.

Will I need to use detergent to wash my clothes?

Yes, you should use some detergent when washing your clothes. Higene is a pre-wash laundry spray that will start cleaning your items on contact, so you can use less detergent with every load that you wash. You can cut your laundry detergent usage by 50%.

Can I wash with cold water?

Yes. Higene will disinfect your clothes. So you can wash them with cold water and still kill harmful bacteria.

Can I use Higene on my shoes?  

Yes, Higene is designed for use on clothes and equipment - including shoes, gloves, helmets, pads, braces and anything that gets sweaty.

Can I apply Higene to my skin?

Higene is a non toxic formula and can be applied to your hands. It is recommended to wash your hands with water if you do spray them with Higene. It is NOT recommended to apply Higene to sensitive areas of the body, face, arm pits, ect.

Can I remove stains with Higene?

Yes, Higene is very good at removing stains. Simply spray stain until saturated with Higene, then use a wet rag/cloth to gently rub affected area.

Will Higene remove odors that are already set into my clothes/shoes?

Depending on how long the odor has been present in your clothes or shoes, Higene may not be able to remove the odor. Higene is designed to prevent shoes and equipment from developing odors to begin with. However, if foul odors have settled in clothes over a long period of time, Higene may not restore these items.

How longe will one bottle of Higene last?

A 4 oz. bottle of Higene will provide roughly 200 applications. Depending on how frequent you work out and use Higene will determine how long your bottle will last. A typical person working out 3 times per week can use a 4 oz. bottle for up to 3 months.

How is this product different from white can?

This product uses a plastic bottle with push pump spray. It is not pressurized like the white cans are. This means it uses less product for every spray and will last longer than the white can. Other than this fact they are the exact same formula!