About Higene by Fresh Systems

Hello, I am Al Hamilton Founder of Higene. My ultimate vision is to share Higene with the world so that the world can realize better hygienic practices. There is a famous story of a Hungarian doctor from the 19th century that began to save lives and decrease infant mortality just by the practice of having doctors wash their hands between treating patients. Higene was born with this spirit in mind. There are many opportunities in our world to realize healthier lifestyles, I propose the use of Higene as one such method.

I created Higene out of a personal need to protect my gym clothes from what I call excessive sweating. Some of us have more active sweat glands and produce more sweat for any given activity. For example, when I go outside on a day above 80 dF I need a face towel to wipe down and stay dry. Well, for years I was forced to wash my gym clothes after every workout or let them sit in the hamper to grow mildew and unpleasant odors. Unfortunately, for many people the ladder is closer to normal behavior. I concluded there was a job to be done – thoroughly cleaning sweaty workout gear without having to wash them after every single workout.

I researched and read on the topic and could never find solutions that made since. I spent time studying and experimenting with different ideas. The lack of good solutions for this problem was puzzling to me. One day it hit me and I had my “ah haaaaaa” moment. I engineered my triple acting formula that absorbs odors, kills bacteria, and removes tough stains. This was a difficult job and my solution turned out to be the perfect working agent for the task at hand. It is a very subtle innovation that promotes sound hygiene practices and so I named the mixture Higene.

The design of experiments required to develop Higene’s precise formula resulted in a premium solution. I began using it after my workouts and immediately noticed that it eliminated foul smells. In fact, it left my gym clothes smelling fresh and clean. I began to use less detergent and less water during wash cycles. Just take a moment to examine that last statement… Less detergent and less water. Think of the savings that you can realize by using less detergent. My Tide wash pods will last me three times longer b/c instead of using 3 pods per load to handle sweaty workout clothes, I now only need 1 pod. Also, I now use the minimal water setting on my wash cycles and only wash once per week as opposed to after every workout. So I am saving water - our most precious commodity next to Oxygen. I realized the magic of Higene and decided to share it with the world.

The response has been extraordinary. One user commented “Higene is like Houdini in a bottle with multiple benefits.” I began to use Higene to remove stains from furniture and carpet. It works remarkably well on shoes and car interiors also. It truly is an amazing formula. It is packaged in a compact, environmentally friendly can that DOES NOT release any aerosols. I never leave home without a can of Higene!

Be Blessed On Earth And Beyond Forever!


Al-Khalique S. Hamilton





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