You are a fit individual who is always on the go. When you aren’t training for your next game, you’re in the game and when you aren’t doing either you find the time to do anything BUT your laundry. No judgment here. Dealing with laundry can be a hassle, especially when your nemesis - the stinky, pungent remnants of today’s productive workout - just won’t get clean. Your dirty, sweat-soaked gym clothes are an evil unlike any other. Fortunately for you, there’s a simple solution to this common problem: changing your routine.


Why Do My Clothes Still Smell After Being Washed?

 Water-repellant athletic wear made from fabrics such as spandex are susceptible to retaining odors because they are too tough for water to penetrate alone. This, in addition to a build up of deodorant, body oils, and other non-polar molecules prevent the washer from truly fulfilling its chore without additional help. Pretreating items with products such as Higene will allow you to get the most out of a single wash cycle by loosening the grip of harsh odors and other particles from your clothes before detergent & softeners take action.


That’s All Good, But What About Before I Make It To The Washer? Is There An Alternative to Carrying Around Smelly Clothes All Day?

Yes, there is! Higene is an awesome product with a formulation that neutralizes, helping to absorb the stench (a.k.a. aroma-compounds) rising from your clothing until you find the time to do your laundry. All you need to do is spray two pumps of Higene on your smelly gym items; place the pre-treated items in a bag until you can hang them up to dry; and once dry, you can store them with the rest of your clothing until your next, weekly laundry day.  


Wait! I Can Go A WHOLE WEEK Before Washing My Smelly Gym Clothes Without Them Lighting Up the Entire House?!

 You’ve got it. When using a pre-treatment solution like Higene, you can start washing your clothes on a weekly basis AND because the formula strips the tough gunk off your clothing, you can use less detergent & cooler water than you normally would per pre-treated cycle. This, my friend, is a recipe for frugality.




Okay, I think I’ll give Higene a Shot!

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Disclaimer: Higene is a PRE-TREATMENT and is NOT a substitute for washing your clothes, NOR is it an alternative to laundry detergent.


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