Exercising in a public gym has its pros and its cons, but if you aren’t careful enough you can end up with something foul on your hands, feet, and wherever else.  There’s a reason why most gyms encourage their members to wipe down gym equipment after use, and there is a reason why you should do so beforehand as well. Let’s face it: You can’t rely on others being as concerned for your health as you are, so it’s beneficial to take precautions. 


 The Gym: A Petri Dish

Humans are covered in germs, and when we sweat we become agents of self-destruction allowing harmful bacterial to latch onto everything we touch. Not saying you’ll spontaneously combust the moment you touch a pair of contaminated free-weights, but you could contract a nasty case of klebsiella  or a staph infection. If you dip your toes in some public shower water, you may just catch the remnants from the latest shower – possibly HPV or tinea pedis (the germ behind athlete’s foot). Gym germs are everywhere!


A Microscopic Brew

Aftercare is just as important as the precautions you make. Some gyms provide their members with bags to enclose their sweat-soaked clothes for easy transport. Unfortunately, these garments have already been exposed to germs that multiply exponentially fast in heat and can produce dingy odors within seconds.  Add the wetness of sweat to the equation and you have a hefty stew of putrid YUCK waiting to be thrown in the washer. However, this unpleasant situation is completely avoidable and with Higene your post-gym experience will become more pleasant than ever thought possible.


The Pre-Treatment You Need 

Higene is a post-exercise, multi-part formula that eliminates germs on contact and captures smelly odors (a.k.a. aroma-compounds) before they make into your nasal passages and drift toward your olfactory system, which is responsible for your sense of smell. With just two sprays per item, Higene prevents the growth of potentially harmful bacteria by halting germ reproduction and mobility. Now you can comfortably transport your clothes and other items from the gym with confidence and store them until your next wash cycle. Whether it is tomorrow or next week, Higene continues to work until you can finally get your pre-treated items in the washer where they are stripped away of immobilized bacteria and aroma-compounds for them to be flushed down the drain.


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