What are the 2 BIGGEST money WASTERS most fitness enthusiasts spend their money on?


With no way to escape the heat while participating in outdoor sports and other intense activities, you’re more than likely returning home with your sweat-soaked clothing tacked to your skin like nasty saran wrap. An increase in temperature and humidity not only stimulates sweat production and the rise of musky odors, but triggers a swelling increase in how often you do your laundry. As a fitness enthusiast, you may believe adding more detergent to a load of laundry or washing items twice in a row gives way to cleaner results. However, if your items are heavily soiled and the detergent you are using is subpar, you’re just committing to a lot of wishful thinking and unnecessary expenses. The excessive use of detergent and water are the two biggest money wasters active individuals spend their money on, but they don’t need to be.

In the U.S. alone, about $2.2 billion worth of detergent is wasted per year on unnecessary laundry practices. Higene enhances the performance of your detergent and gets the grimiest, toughest stains and odors out of your clothes and athletic gear. As a pretreatment, it does the hard work of sanitizing, deodorizing, and loosening stains before you toss your items in the washer. And it doesn’t take much – with Higene you only need to use half the amount of the detergent you would normally use. LESS detergent per cycle and you still get the fresh, clean feeling you so much desire from your clothes.

On average, washing 400 loads per year in a top-quality washer using hot water costs about $600 a year. With it’s sanitizing and odor-removing properties, Higene removes the urgency of getting your gym clothes in the wash. By pretreating your athletic gear and garments with our disinfecting formula, you can store your clothes in a hamper until you have enough to run a full cycle of laundry. In addition, Higene requires no more than 30 minutes of washing to get your clothes back in tip-top shape for wearing. Less cycles + less water spent = more money saved.

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