Athletes are at high risk for skin infections due to sharing of equipment, physical contact and other unfavorable conditions. Humid, crowded conditions such as those found in locker rooms and other athletic facilities provide the perfect environment for MRSA (STAPH) infection to grow.  

Student athletes are particularly at risk of these conditions as their facilities have limited support and resources. Students can minimize their risk of contracting MRSA, fungus and other bacterial growth by adopting superior hygiene practices.  

Higene is a fast acting spray that will prevent the growth of bacteria and other infectious agents. It can be applied directly to sweaty clothes and athletic gear directly after use. After spraying with Higene, allow your athletic gear to air dry. This will eliminate the need to wash clothes, towels and other gear immediately after using them. It will also eliminate foul odors. The unique scent and powerful disinfecting formula makes Higene an essential tool for keeping athletes and locker rooms clean, safe and healthy.  

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