HEY BACKPACKERS: Here's How to "De-Germ" Your Contaminated Backpacks!

The Backpack, one of humanity’s most favored tools for secure traveling on foot, is also the carrier of more germs than a public toilet. We bring our carriers with us almost everywhere – to school, work, the gym, on a hike, or somewhere over night –but it’s not often that we truly consider the many surfaces we’ve set them upon.


If you are not selective with where you place your backpack, you are doing yourself a disservice. Cross-contamination can increase the spread of harmful bacteria from the floor, ground, and public spaces onto surfaces, such as your kitchen counter or bathroom sink. It sounds impossible to avoid, but with Higene you can decrease your chances of catching a nasty, preventable illness. Our multipurpose formula immediately prevents smelly odors from being detected by absorbing those funky aroma-compounds, while also halting the growth of harmful bacteria by immobilizing it and eliminating its presence. Whether you wash your laundry on the day of treatment or the following week, Higene gets rid of the bad stuff so you can wash your clothes when you have the time. Remember, Higene is a pretreatment, not a dry detergent – wash your clothes!

Take advantage of the sterilizing and deodorizing features of Higene to decrease your chances of catching a nasty, preventable “backpack” illness:

How to Disinfect Your Backpack With Higene--

  1. Treat backpack immediately by spraying it with two pumps of Higene
  2. Let backpack dry after treatment. To accelerate drying period, open up the bag and keep it near a vent or fan until completely dried.
  3. FOR STAINS: Remove any stains by wiping affected areas after spraying with Higene. Let dry and then toss in washer.
  4. IF BAG IS MACHINE WASHABLE: Add the bag to laundry and use half of the normal detergent usage and put it on a 30-minute wash cycle.
Your backpack is a carrier, but should not transmit disease! Keep it in check with Higene and get 25% off your first purchase when you subscribe to our newsletter!


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