5 Awesome Spring Cleaning Hacks for Workout Junkies this Season

Spring is finally here! Accompanied with a rise in temperature and welcoming opportunities for outdoor recreation, this picturesque season also has its downsides. An increase in sweat production, the migration and harboring of bacteria indoors, inescapable humidity, and the rise of pungent odors – all may be inevitable, however they can be controlled. Reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining the results of this annual ritual by using the following #HigeneHacks to be fresh and protected from the ills of your fitness lifestyle yearlong.

Refresh Your Footwear

We all know the feeling: your feet are suffocating underneath the vamps of your shoes after that morning jog, military boot camp workout, outdoor game, etc. The air is congested with humidity and most likely has added to your foot sweat and funk fest. After such workout, there is NO WAY you would want to bring those smelly foot aromas and other outdoor elements into your already clean home. You can easily take control of this situation by spraying one pump of the Higene pretreatment over your shoes and gently rubbing the outdoor elements and stains out with a cloth and let them dry before tossing them into the washer. To get rid of foot odor and foot-infection causing bacteria, spray one pump of Higene inside your shoes and let dry.

Deodorize Your Laundry

If your shoes are stinky, chances are your clothes are in bad shape too. Before dumping in the washer, treat your dirty laundry immediately after removal with one or two pumps of Higene and let dry. Doing so will eradicate any unpleasant smells and stop bacteria reproduction in its tracks, while also sterilizing your garments.

Get Rid of Mildew Odors

The rise of humid temperatures can effortlessly give rise to mildew, which thrives on damp surfaces and can grow within 24-48 hours. If you frequent the gym during the Spring and Summer months, you are probably familiar with the mildew odor that lingers in your gym bag and towels for days, even after multiple washes.  Use Higene to fight off the dreaded funk taking shelter in and on your items with just one or two pumps and let dry.  Washable items can then be put in a washer on the Quick Cycle afterward for a thorough cleaning.

Remove Stubborn Rug Stains

Having a welcome mat is excellent for preventing dirt from tracking into your home after a grubby outdoor workout. But what about when the time comes for it to be washed? Remove dirt, stains, and malign bacteria by spraying two pumps of Higene over the affected areas, gently rub out with a cloth, and let dry. You can also attack annoying couch stains that never seem to disappear.

Prep Seasonal Items for Storage

Be proactive and save yourself the displeasure of finding rancid aromas possessing your items next winter by preparing them for hibernation. Spray each item with one or two pumps of Higene, let them air dry, and then give them one good wash and dry before they hit the bins. Your winter accessories and clothing will enjoy a long, pleasant vacation and you will be greeted with fresh, clean garments the next time you need them.
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