Higene will make it easier to wash your clothes, by cutting through stains, killing bacteria, and absorbing smelly odors to keep your gear fresh and clean. This will save you time and money on laundry!

WATCH VIDEO: Discover Why Higene Is A MUST For Killing Hard To Remove Odors

Watch a Higene Customer explain how she uses higene for her sweaty gear

Being a sports official, it is quite often that I go between games wearing the same uniform and a foul odor might develop throughout the day. Higene has provided a solution for that.

- Eddie

Higene kills germs on contact by eliminating bacterial growth and mobility that cause infections such as staph

Don’t allow bacteria to breed on your gear after a strenuous workout! Higene's formula quickly kills harmful bacteria, including those causing staph infections. Simply spray sweaty items with 1 or 2 pumps of Higene then hang to dry until your ready to do laundry.

Great product and meets my needs. I used to do laundry every other night. Now I can go at least a week between washing and Higene makes sure my clothes don't have the moldy, nasty gym smell. Thanks again!

- Winston

Higene is your solution to removing those hard to get out stains

In addition to eliminating tough odors & germs, Higene can remove the most stubborn of stains on ALL garments, equipment, shoes, and sporting accessories. Such items include:

• Jerseys

• Gloves

• Helmets

• Cleats

• Mats/Yoga Mats

• Bike Seats

• Towels

Just used this new product called Higene to remove a stain on my wife's jacket and it disappeared like Houdini. Check it out... It's great for removing stains.

- Aziz

Higene SAVES UP TO $1,000 PER YEAR!

Using Higene saves you money as it starts cleaning on contact.  WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?  As soon as you apply 1-2 pumps of Higene to your sweaty garments, the cleaning cycle starts immediately!  This reduces the use of laundry detergent, decreases water and electricity needed, and shortens wash cycle times. 



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